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The feed we produce undergo numerous treatments in order to facilitate the uptake of the mixtures by animals, improve their taste and dietary properties, reduce the content of harmful ingredients or improve the digestibility of food ingredients. The type of treatments depends on the type of feed.

One of the most modern and effective methods of grain and legume seed treatment is expansion — subjecting a raw material to hot steam under high pressure. Puffing is one of the types of expansion. Subject to hot air, feed material becomes denser. Water contained in the product changes its state of matter into steam, causing fast swelling. Increasing intramolecular pressure leads to disruption and partial gelatinisation of starch. Material leaving the tank expands; steam is rapidly released from the material, cooling it down. Moisture is reduced, which does not exceed 8%. Thus, the product does not need to be dried. During the production process, no chemical substances are used — this allows us to obtain a completely organic feed material. The final product is light, crunchy, dry, and ready to use.


  • Eliminates antinutrients from feed;
  • Increases the absorption of nutrients thanks to porous structure;
  • Gives special, characteristic taste and smell;
  • Makes the product easily digestible, perfect for use as dietetic feed as well as in the rearing of adolescent and senior animals;
  • Inactivates antinutritional factors;
  • Reduces microbiological contamination, especially Salmonella and other pathogens;
  • Allows creating a ready material suitable for direct consumption in a short period.

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