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Food preferences of gerbils arise out of their natural habitat, which is desert environment. Gerbils adapted to harsh conditions, foraging for dry food, such as seed and grains, but also stems and available plants and insects. Our product is composed of ingredients that will fully meet the dietary preferences of these rodents. The basis of the food is a mixture of grains satisfying the basic nutritional needs. Nuts and seeds enrich its taste and supplement it with nutrients. Added fruit and vegetables provide the mixture with vitamins and minerals. Gerbils are very active animals that need wholesome food in order to maintain good health.

Dosage: A gerbil should be given 10–15 grams of food daily. Morning and evening feeding is recommended.

Ingredients: grains (buckwheat, proso millet, spelt, wheat, oats) • legume seeds (field pea, vetches) • dried fruit and vegetables (beetroot, carrot, mango, pineapple, banana, apple, cranberry) • pumpkin seeds • nut mixture.

Analytical constituents: Energy value: 1594.62 kJ • total protein 13.00% • crude fat 5.27% • crude ash 2.03% • crude fibre 6.24%.

Available in packages:

300 g – ROD103-300

500 g – ROD103-500

1000 g – ROD103-1000

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