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Guinea pigs are herbivores and the basis of their diet include mainly coarse fodder, such as hay and green fodder. They provide fibre, which is necessary for the rodents’ diet, and contribute to proper function of their digestive system. The food produced by our company supplements guinea pig’s diet with nutrients, serving as an addition to concentrate feed. Grain and seed mixture are a source of protein and energy. Dried fruit and vegetables, seeds, and nuts provide vitamins, micro- and macroelements, unsaturated fatty acids, and many other nutrients that are necessary to maintain good health of your pet. Being a source of ascorbic acid, widely known as vitamin C, currant accounts for 10% of the food. The presence of this vitamin in the diet is necessary, because members of that species cannot synthesise it in their body.

Dosage: Daily dose of food for a guinea pig cannot exceed 20 grams. It is important to weigh the food, as guinea pigs rarely can control themselves when it comes to consumption. It is recommended that hay is provided together with the food.

Ingredients: grains (buckwheat, spelt, wheat, proso millet, oats) • legume seeds (field pea, vetches) • dried fruit and vegetables (black currant, pear, carrot, apricot, mango, fig, cranberry) • pumpkin seeds • nut mixture.

Analytical constituents: Energy value: 1476.16 kJ • total protein 11.75% • crude fat 3.67% • crude ash 2.19% • crude fibre 9.37%.

Available in packages:

300 g – ROD102-300

500 g – ROD102-500

1000 g – ROD102-1000

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