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Wholesome food intended for hamster. The mixture of grains, which provides the most important and properly balanced nutrients, serves as a dietary basis. Seeds and dried fruit and vegetables supplement the diet. Nuts are also recommended for hamsters to enrich their diet with unsaturated fatty acids. But remember, this component should be given in small amounts, as it leads to a fast increase in fat tissue.

Dosage: Hamsters are characterised by fast metabolism, which determines the amount of food consumed. Growing hamsters can eat 6–10 grams of food daily. Adult hamsters consume an average of 12 grams of food daily.

Ingredients: grains (buckwheat, spelt, wheat, proso millet, oats) • legume seeds (field pea, vetches) • dried fruit and vegetables (white mulberry, apricot, banana, pear, beetroot, carrot, cranberry) • pumpkin seeds • nut mixture.

Analytical constituents: Energy value: 1570.82 kJ • total protein 14.20% • crude fat 4.15% • crude ash 2.03% • crude fibre 6.76%.

Available in packages:

300g – ROD101-300

500g – ROD101-500

1000g – ROD101-1000

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