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The basic components of rabbit’s diet are grass, herbs and leaves, twigs, and bark. Low-calorie food with a large content of fibre represents coarse fodder, which is necessary for appropriate rabbit nutrition. Additional elements of the diet should include grain and seeds, which constitute concentrate feed, as well as fruit and vegetables, which supplement rabbit’s diet. Our company produces supplementary food that contains those elements. The mixture of grain, dried fruit and vegetables, pumpkin seeds, and nuts will supplement rabbit’s diet, supplying nutrients and ensuring proper function of the digestive system as well as maintaining good health.

Dosage: Depending on a rabbit’s weight, daily food requirement ranges from 35 to 50 g. It is recommended that hay is provided together with the food.

Ingredients: grains (oats, spelt, wheat, buckwheat, proso millet) • legume seeds (field pea, vetches) • dried fruit and vegetables (carrot, pear, beetroot, apple, white mulberry, banana, cranberry) • pumpkin seeds • nut mixture.

Analytical constituents: Energy value: 1533.99 kJ • total protein 11.83% • crude fat 3.12% • crude ash 2.29% • crude fibre 8.12%.

Available in packages:

300 g – ROD104-300

500 g – ROD104-500

1000 g – ROD104-1000

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