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Wholesome mixture intended for rats. Those animals are characterised by a high environmental tolerance. We may find them almost all over the world, which means this rodent is adapted to various kinds of food. A mixture of grains is dominant in the diet. Addition of seeds, nuts, dried fruit and vegetables improves the mixture’s taste and provides all the necessary nutrients. It is important to diversify the food due to the wide taste preference of rats.

Dosage: Rat eats often, but in small amounts. Relative to its body weight, rat eats large amounts of food – around 1/8 of its body weight. Daily dose is ca. 20–25 grams daily.

Ingredients: grains (buckwheat, proso millet, spelt, wheat, oats) • legume seeds (vetches, field pea) • dried fruit and vegetables (beetroot, pineapple, fig, banana, pear, apple, cranberry) • pumpkin seeds • nut mixture

Analytical constituents: Energy value: 1539.79 kJ • total protein 11.73% • crude fat 3.41% • crude ash 1.98% • crude fibre 6.05%.

Available in packages:

300 g – ROD105-300

500 g – ROD105-500

1000 g – ROD105-1000

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